These are two tracks we've recorded for Marlayne's new CD.


The first song, written by Marlayne and myself, is a duet with singer Kris Rietveld, this is a preview wich hasn't  been mixed yet.

On this track are: Peter Tiehuis & Lou Guldemond guitar, Boudewijn Lucas bassguitar, Arjen Mooijer keys, Danny Sahupala Drums & percussion.

Backingvocals: Julia L'oko, Rocq-e Harrell, Lodewijk van Gorp & Franky Rampen.














This second song is a Brenda Russell track called "If Only for One Night".

Musicians: Peter Tiehuis Guitar, Jeroen Vierdag Bassguitar, Arjen Mooijer Keys, Tollak Ollestad Harmonica, Danny Sahupala Drums & Percussion.

Backingvocals: Julia L'oko, Rocq-e Harrell, Lodewijk van Gorp & Franky Rampen.

Mix by Peter Tiehuis.














Here a few tracks from the c.d. " That's it" by guitarist/songwriter Lou Guldemond


wich was recorded at studio " eikelsound" (owned by Lene te Voortwis and me)


and mixed by Michel van Schie.

































In the 90's I was part of a populair dutch fusionband called " Coopertest"

We will play again soon to see what's left of the magic and decide then what we are going to do with that.

In the meantime here some material from the old days.


1st C.D. called " Coopertest" released 1990  


Bandmembers: Jan Kooper, Frank Stehle,Wilbrand Meischke, Ton Snijders, Dionys Breukers, Danny Sahupala.
























2nd C.D. called " Quirk" same bandmembers as first C.D.






















3rd C.D. was recorded live at the Vondelpark Amsterdam.


Jan Kooper, Sandra Sahupala, Wilbrand Meischke, Dionys Breukers, Danny Sahupala




























Here demo material from the 4th C.D. wich we didn't finish.

Bandmembers: Jan Kooper, Sandra Sahupala, Arnold van Dongen, Ton Snijders, Wilbrand Meischke, Danny Sahupala.




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