Perfect Combination


One band and a wide variety of Solo-Artists to choose from.
We offer this concept for every occasion.
The Musicians and Solo-Artists are Top End Professionals of the Dutch Music Industry.
This can be hosted professionally by MARLAYNE and/or in combination with other singers that have been selected to participate in the concert.
*Important element of "Perfect Combination" is the spontaneity, improvisation
 and collaboration between the Singers of that moment.
* A big advantage is that you can choose your own line-up of Artists and there is only one band accompanying them.
A small selection of Artists to choose from:



Candy Dulfer, Trijntje Oosterhuis,Alain Clark, Glennis Grace, Marlayne, Do, Lodewijk van Gorp, Tom Beek, Shirma Rouse, Leona Philippo, Jim Bakkum, Lisa Lois, Ruud Breuls, Edsilia Rombley, Nielson, Krystl, Berget Lewis and many more.
































































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