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Here some more info about me and some of my projects.


I had the honour to record, play & tour with many great artists and bands.

Here are some of them:

Sister Sledge, Pointer Sisters, Ryan Shaw, Alessi Brothers, J.T. Taylor, Shirma Rouse, Ruth Jacott, Do, Coopertest, Toon Roos Group, Kaz Lux, Thijs van Leer, Hans Vermeulen, She got game, Big, Black & Beautiful, Ricky & the Frog, Marlayne, Het goede doel, Miss Montreal, Henny Vrienten, Barry Haye, 3 J's and many others.


I've graduated from Hilversum Conservatory in may 1988 and started teaching there as a drumteacher from september 1988.

This conservatory became Amsterdam Conservatorium because of a fusion between these 2 conservatories.

From jan 1990 I started teaching at Enschede Conservatory.

In 2003 Derk Blijleven, Davy de Wit and I started the Popacademie in Enschede this was/is part of the conservatory, but specialized in Popmusic.

Currently I'm coordinator Bandculture at Artez Popacademie beside teaching drums, bandcoaching and the minor studio skills.

I've initiated the PopCollegeTour

A unique collaboration between 6  Dutch conservatories with a Pop department to give their selected bands the opportunity to present themselves live on stage throughout the Netherlands.

​The first edition in March 2022 was a big success, so continuation was immediately decided.

​The tour includes 6 shows and will visit the 6 Pop stages in Tilburg, Rotterdam, Enschede, Haarlem, Amsterdam and Utrecht during 1 week ( 20-26 march 2023)

​Every Conservatory selects 1 band/act to participate in the tour,

so every show will present these 6 bands.

Musical Director/Bandleader :

I've been Musical Director/bandleader for a.o. :

Pointer Sisters, Ruth Jacott, Do, Big, Black & Beautiful, Ryan Shaw, Legends we've lost, Hans Vermeulen,  Buddy Vedder & a perfect combination, Dutch/Indonesian All star band.

I was Musical Director for some live t.v. shows for example:

- NPO network: 200 years of kindom (200 jaar koninkrijk) this was a live t.v. show in honour of 200 years of kingdom in the Netherlands with a lot of Dutch Music Celebrities.

- RTL network :All you need is love t.v. special live from H.M.H.

- SBS network: Songfestival singalong in Ziggo dome.

I have a company called: Band At Demand wich provides musicians/band for artists and I'm responsable for production of the live performances/shows/tours of the artists

I have done this for a.o.: Nielson, Krystl, Wolter Kroes  and MITS MITCHELL.


I also do the music production of special events like; spieren voor spieren gala, 90 jaar Tuschinski, Launch of HBO in the netherlands, Tijdschriftengala and many more.

Producer :

I've produced a.o.:

the first single from Miss Montreal (just a flirt), 

Live CD Big, Black & Beautiful a tribute to the girlgroups

2 singles Wolter Kroes

together with Patrick Drabe I've produced the C.D. Shirma Rouse Soul Serenade  at Lakeside Studio's

For DJAZZ T.V. I've produced and recorded 2 seasons of live concerts in the north sea jazz club, Amsterdam for broadcast on their network.

Marlayne and I produced our own theatre tour : "the legends we've lost" with a.o. Shirma Rouse, Jan Kanis, Buddy Vedder & Erica Greenfield.

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